Nature gets weird.

Are you ready?

Welcome to WTH Wildlife, your home for all things nature. WTH Wildlife is an online amalgam of videos, blogs, and social media that will cover any and all wildlife topics using adult oriented/themed humor. You have been warned.

We will focus heavily on understanding urban ecosystems and promoting environmentally responsible behaviors with the idea that education does not stop with learning. We encourage you to take action and find new ways of reconnecting with nature. 

WTH Wildlife: The Show is a once-a-monthly YouTube series that delves into interesting tidbits about common critters and topics. Each episode has an accompanying blog post that goes more in depth into the science behind what we are discussing. Questions and comments are encouraged.

Your Niche in your Neighborhood is an ongoing blog series  that discuss human and wildlife interactions in increasingly artificial environments, and focus on ways in which people can change their built environment to be more accommodating to wildlife.