About the WTH Wildlife Blog

The WTH Wildlife Blog will cover a number of different topics. You can expect posts on:

Field Tech spotlights the technology and tools used by researchers to gather data to better understand their research.

Weekly Wildlife is a weekly post highlighting unique or unusual species in our world. Special attention will be given to species that don't normally get much love.

Your Niche in Your Neighborhood focuses on human and wildlife interactions, especially in urban and suburban settings.

WTHW Companion is companion blog posts for the WTHW Show (coming soon). The WTHW Companion will go more in depth to some of the topics touched on in the WTHW Show and will answer questions from viewers.

Guest Researchers invites researchers to share their experiences in the field, from the sexy science parts to the less glamorous aspects and challenges of field work.

We encourage you to reach out and send us questions about topics that we've covered or topics you would like us to discuss.


The WTHW Team

#science #nature #wildlife #urban #urbanwildlife

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